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Panacea is committed to providing exemplary customer service to all subscribers. If you have a complaint about our Service or our Software, please use the attached form to provide us with as much information about it as possible so that we can respond to it in a full and helpful manner.


We endeavour to respond to your complaint within the agreed service level requirements. If your complaint is related to Panacea Software, please first refer to our Software Maintenance Policy ( and Standard Terms of Use ( Here you will find details of what you can reasonably expect from our Software, and the procedures we have in place to respond to any faults or defects raised by our Customers.


If your complaint is related to our Services or if you have any other issue, please be assured that one of our staff will respond to you within 24 hours. When they do, they will discuss with you the best possible way for investigation and resolution.


How to make a Complaint:

Please fill in the attached Complaint Form stating the nature of your complaint, severity of impact and names of Panacea staff involved and send it using one of the means of contact detailed below.

our website:

post:              Panacea Applications Limited

St Andrew’s

15 Short Street



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