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The Local Government Association (LGA) is the national voice for local government in England and Wales, aiming to support, promote, and improve local councils.


Panacea Software has revolutionised the operations of the LGA, streamlining design and print activities while fostering informed decision-making for strategic marketing endeavours. Our tailored modules and functionalities have empowered LGA to monitor and manage all design and print initiatives effectively. By leveraging Panacea Software, LGA have now gained insights to optimise their resources, reduce unnecessary volumes, and generate sustainable efficiencies, leading to significant cost savings.


Their workflow with Panacea has enabled seamless planning, scheduling, and oversight of corporate campaigns and other projects, streamlining processes from conceptualisation to delivery and automating administrative tasks that traditionally consume valuable time and resources.

When our management company’s contract ended, we decided to bring design in-house and to use Panacea Software to support a more agile process and competitive supply-chain for our out-sourced services. This, combined with an efficient purchase-to-pay process and branded artwork templates is helping us to cost and time of communications. It gives us greater control over our brand and our expenditure, and provides the information needed to make strategic decisions as we continue to adapt to the changing priorities of our organisation.
Hannah Berry, Campaigns and Marketing Manager, Local Government Association
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