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The Satellite Applications Catapult is a UK-based technology and innovation company focused on accelerating the growth of satellite applications and the space sector. It collaborates with businesses, government, and academia to transform research into market-ready products and services.


Satellite Applications Catapult requires a streamlined and efficient procurement and contract management solution to enhance its Commercial Services Function, encompassing Legal, Procurement, and Contract Management. The implementation of Panacea Software is critical for achieving these objectives due to its comprehensive suite of tools designed to manage the entire contract lifecycle. We provide them with the resources to slicken their processes to tendering contracts, due diligence and supplier and contract management services. Satellite Applications Catapult manage their whole tender processes from PIN to Award for a wide range of technology requirements all in one place with their Panacea platform.


Panacea provides a smart, interactive, cloud-based technology to support them in their procurement and supply chain management processes, totally suitable and compliant for their public and commercial funding.

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