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Harris Federation

Harris Federation has significantly enhanced its procurement operations through the implementation of Panacea Sourcing. Previously reliant on an outdated system, which was limited to publishing notices and managing procurement contracts valued at £40K or more, Harris faced inefficiencies with much of the workflow needing offline management.


The introduction of Panacea Sourcing has revolutionised Harris Federation’s approach to procurement by providing a comprehensive, end-to-end lifecycle management system. This platform covers every aspect from requirements gathering and early market engagement to tendering, evaluation, moderation, award, and contract management. The system's robust capabilities include due diligence, performance monitoring, and seamless collaboration with stakeholders across the trust’s academies, allowing for streamlined management of compliant contracts, documentation review, and supplier management.


With Panacea Sourcing, Harris Federation achieves several key objectives:

  • Streamlining the entire procurement lifecycle from early engagement to contract and supplier performance management.

  • Simplifying workflows for all contract values, ensuring compliance and creating a central record of activities.

  • Providing intuitive, user-friendly software to engage and support suppliers.

  • Saving time and delivering measurable value to its academies.

  • Maintaining an accessible library of procurement documents and contracts.

  • Offering an external-facing register of opportunities and contracts.

  • Enabling effective collaboration among colleagues, academies, and suppliers.

  • Ensuring a clear audit trail and central archive of all procurement activities.

  • Complying with public contracts regulations and best practices.

  • Standardising and simplifying procurement workflows.

  • Monitoring and managing supply-chain and contract performance effectively.


By integrating Panacea Sourcing, Harris Federation has successfully achieved a compliant and efficient procurement system, creating significant value and operational efficiencies for the trust and its academies.

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