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Sourcing with Panacea

Experience an e-procurement system to acquire contracts for goods and services - from Frameworks to DPS and more, completely compliant with government legislations.

A whole paperless procurement system...

Streamlined Procurement Lifecycle

Flexible and simple through Panacea to empower your sourcing process

Panacea software walks you through the whole procurement lifecycle from early engagement, tendering, evaluation, negotiation, to award. Our flexible design suite allows easy creation and publication of questionnaires, with scoring and price evaluation options. Notices can be generated with a few clicks, posted publicly or by invitation. Efficiently evaluate responses and qualify suppliers within the interface. 

Sourcing Lifecycle.png

Contract & Procurement Management

Organised workflow and unified data visibility

Centralise contract requirements enabling precise data collection for monitoring and reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve your competitive edge.

Supplier Management

Suppliers efficiently store data freeing up time for their primary tasks

Manage your suppliers and their details in one place. Using our ‘provide once’ functionality, suppliers are asked to provide their standard data and documents once, allowing them to focus on more technical requirements.

Supplier Management.png
Due Dil.png

Due Diligence

Stay compliant with government legislations


You can rely on our system to offer full transparency, detailed activity logs and compliance tracking. Supplier organisations are prompted to update expiring documents and data for your review and acceptance.

Reporting Suite

Extensive suite of reporting possibilities to support effective and compliant procurement

You can filter your reporting options for effective monitoring of contract and procurement progress. What's more - you can receive accurate, real-time insights that will enable and improve data-driven decision-making.

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