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Equal Opportunities


This policy lays out the ways in which Panacea promotes equal opportunities for employment and progression within the Company and prevents practices of unlawful discrimination. It also outlines the ways in which we ensure that our Suppliers’ practices are in line with these laws and standards.


  1. Panacea is committed to the principles of equality and diversity in employment. We recognise and value the benefits of employing people with a range of different backgrounds and characteristics.

  2. We do not discriminate against prospective or current employees on the basis of race, gender, age, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or union membership status during the hiring process, when determining compensation, when providing access to training or promotion opportunities or through the termination of employment process.

  3. All company decisions relating to job applicants and employees, including recruitment, selection, training, development and promotion, should be made solely on the basis of the individual’s relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities.

  4. Panacea looks to work with Suppliers and Sub-Contractors who themselves reflect these policies and does not wish to support any business which engages in unlawful or discriminatory practices.

Panacea's Responsibilities

  1. We engage in practices designed to actively prevent and guard against any unlawful discrimination taking place within the Company. These include:
    ​​a. ensuring our workforce and managers understand discrimination law and its implications for their work.
    b. employing staff and working in compliance with the Equality Act 2010.
    c. treating all colleagues with respect.
    d. ensuring that the reasons for employment, pay and career progression are free of unconscious bias and based solely on merit within the Company.
    e. reminding employees and managers that they will be subject to disciplinary action for practicing unlawful discrimination of any kind and holding them to the standards set by our own internal Equality and Diversity Policy.

  2. We check each potential Supplier’s Equality and Diversity policies to ensure that they reflect our own. For further details on how we vet our suppliers, see our Ethical Sourcing Policy:

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