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Leeds City Council

Efficient, online Translation and Interpreting service offered by Leeds City Council

Faced with increasing demand for their services and on-going pressure on budgets, Leeds’ Interpreting and Translation service decided to replace their database, manual procedures and administration processes with a single, online management system. This system was to support their service, their clients and their interpreters, from request, through to booking and fulfilment, interfacing with the Council’s finance system for payments, charging and invoicing.

The primary objective for this change was to achieve the efficiencies needed to create the capacity within their small team to allow them to meet the growing demand for this vital service while maintaining high quality standards.

Our Interpreting and Translation Service provides language services to a growing client base, including Leeds City Council and a large number of public and private sector organisations.

We implemented Panacea Software as our management system earlier this year, to provide a user-friendly online portal for our clients and our interpreters, and to automate much of the time-consuming work involved in sourcing and booking interpreters, monitoring their service and managing payments and invoicing. Working closely with Panacea, my team has already successfully embedded this new system, creating an efficient and transparent workflow to support the valuable service our clients rely on to help thousands of people understand and engage in the wide range of services they offer.

Jayne Grant, Advice and Access Manager - Leeds City Council

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