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Merton Council

Merton Council’s communications team improves image and cuts costs

When their in-house design team was closed in March 2012, Merton Council’s  communications team needed to absorb design management into their already full workload. They selected qualified local designers to fulfil creative services while establishing standard artwork templates to allow their colleagues throughout the council to create branded standard materials for themselves. In this way the communications team was able to reduce corporate expenditure on design by over £100K while improving adherence to corporate identity guidelines.



Exampled of custom templates of Merton's on Panacea
We have used Panacea Software to automate most of the work involved in design management and to provide artwork templates to our colleagues to support our corporate brand. In this way we have clearer management information on these services and are able to allocate
money and resources more efficiently.


Sophie Poole, Head of Communications, Merton Council

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