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Benefits of Using a Framework for Procurement

Procurement frameworks stand out as the optimal way to buy and renew subscriptions for Panacea Software, offering many benefits to both buyers and suppliers in terms of cost savings, time management, continuous improvement and compliance. 

Procurement Frameworks 

A procurement framework is an umbrella affiliation between suppliers and buyers to seamlessly place orders for goods and services and implement a purchase. Frameworks help public sector buyers purchase goods and services from pre-approved suppliers with agreed terms, conditions and legal protections to increase efficiency and ensure compliance. The agreement sets out requirements covering price, quantity and quality under which contracts can be awarded. 

Frameworks are often divided into categories known as lots, by type of product or service and by region, so specialist producers or services can join the lot that best reflects their offer and location. 

Panacea and Frameworks 

Panacea successfully operates on multiple frameworks including: YPO, Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation for the public sector; G-Cloud 13 for the Crown Commercial Service (CCS); enFrame used by the education sector; Communities and Housing Consortium (CHIC), catering for the needs of housing associations; and the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC), used by schools and academies.  

Purchasing Panacea software through frameworks means you will be able to access all these benefits and we already have many clients successfully managing their subscriptions using one of the frameworks listed above. Current Panacea subscribers include Blackburn with Darwin Council, Bristol City Council, Haringey Council, National Savings & Investments, Sheffield City Council, The Growth Company, and Kent County Council.  

Cost Savings 

Using a framework for your procurement offers two-fold savings. Firstly, from economies of scale such as competitive and transparent pricing, bulk discounts, fixed prices and reduced transaction costs. Added savings can be made from reducing the use of internal resources and increasing efficiency within the buying process, as terms and conditions are already agreed.  

Time Management 

A framework enables buyers to streamline their procurement process, reducing the admin needed for each purchase and, with access to pre-approved suppliers, most of the tendering process has been completed as suppliers are pre-qualified and compliant at contract level. 

Risk Management and Compliance 

A framework provides more certainty and stability in the procurement process as suppliers sign up to pre-agreed terms and conditions and can evidence successful performance on similar contracts. Performance measuring is built into the system, meaning auditors can verify the proper and efficient use of public money.  

Long Term Partnerships 

Using a framework helps to build long-term partnerships with suppliers based on trust and collaboration. It facilitates knowledge sharing and innovation, enabling both buyer and supplier to exchange feedback, ideas and best practices. Accessing the experience of framework providers will make your purchasing experience quicker, easier and more efficient, plus supplier sharing between other public sector organisations means you can access moderated reviews and scores. Having a trusted partner looking after the framework you want to use is invaluable. 

Panacea operate on multiple frameworks, contact us to find out more.  


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