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Project Management

Every package of Panacea Software includes our Panacea Core Project Management module which quips you with exceptional project management tools tailored to suit the specific requirements of your work. Designed to be both a comprehensive stand-alone project and process management solution, it seamlessly integrates with our other modules, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow across all Panacea Software features.

The Job Bag: Your All-in-One Project Management Hub

With the Panacea Job Bag, you can leave endless email, notes and document searches in the past. This centralised feature enables you to keep and manage everything in one place, eliminating the hassle of hunting for crucial files or information. Store and organise all your notes, documents/files, emails and task schedules effortlessly. From recording dates, activities and correspondence to providing comprehensive archiving, the Job Bag keeps track of every aspect of your work, ensuring proactive management and complete visibility from start to finish.

Contact Database: Streamlined Collaboration

Our contact database serves as a central record for all your contacts, including clients, suppliers and colleagues with configurable user permissions provide control over system access for all contact types. Easily maintain and update your contacts using our convenient tools to remove and cleanse outdated or irrelevant information, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.

Management Reports: Real-time Insights for Effective Decision-making

Panacea Software offers an extensive suite of reporting options to support effective project management. Every package includes a selection of standard reports, providing you with instant access to relevant information. You can filter reports to suit your unique requirements, ensuring you receive accurate, real-time insights at the clock of a button. Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and monitor the progress of your projects effortlessly.

Schedules and Task Management: Efficient Planning and Execution

Our scheduling and task management tools empower you to plan and manage your work efficiently. Whether you prefer using pre-defined templates, creating customised templates, or starting from scratch, Panacea Software was you covered. Assign specific tasks and project components to suppliers, colleagues or clients, and easily track their progress and status. The intuitive interface ensures task lists are updated as work progresses, displaying tasks in order of priority, enabling you to stay on top of your workload.

Messages: Seamless Communication

Communicating with other users of Panacea software is easy with our messaging feature. Connect and collaborate with any user directly within the software interface. Messages can be organised by jobs and projects, providing you with a centralised communication history. Stay connected and keep your conversations streamlined as you work towards project success.

Deigned to simplify and optimise your workflow, Panacea Project Management empowers you to take control of your projects and unlock your team’s productivity potential. With its intuitive features and seamless integration, you can achieve efficient project execution, streamlined collaboration, and informed decision-making.


  • Save time with effective planning, workflow, administration and transactional processes

  • Increase productivity through supported self-service options, efficient planning and time management

  • Avoid duplication of effort and share assets with intuitive collaboration features

  • Track the use of service and monitor against KPIs

  • Improve your reputation and service delivery with intuitive and efficient workflow

  • Support remote working with 24 hour access for all users

  • Panacea Software users report 53% increase in productivity

Include the below additional features to expand your Project Management module.


Anyone working on a project can update their timesheets. At the click of a button, you can review the time spent on any job and on what type or category of work, along with a description of the work, as well as see the cost of the time worked.

This feature is integrated with our online Job Bag, and work types can be set to reflect the specific requirements of each organisation. You can invite any number of colleagues or suppliers to record their time in this way, no matter where they are working. This allows you to report on time worked by individual, project, job, account, client, budget code or within a specified time range.

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