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Our Panacea Software Sourcing module offers a robust procurement system that covers all aspects of your contracts for goods or services, including Frameworks, DPS and more. From the initial e-tender to call off and order acceptance, contract and performance management, real-time reporting, and audit trail, our intuitive system is trusted by public sector organisations to cut costs, enhance services, and ensure compliance with PCR and latest UK government procurement law.

Streamlined Procurement Lifecycle

With Panacea Software’s Sourcing module, you can streamline your procurement activities at any stage of the contract lifecycle. From early market engagement to award and contract and performance management. Create and publish questionnaires using various formats and question types, automate evaluation scoring, weighting or price evaluation, and effortlessly generate and publish Notices directly from Panacea Software through our Contracts Finder and Find a Tender Service APIs. Rest assured, all activities are meticulously logged, providing a comprehensive audit trail for your compliance requirements.

Efficient Contract and Performance Management

Panacea Software seamlessly integrates contract and performance management with the Sourcing module, enabling you to organise and manage your data effortlessly. Our flexible functionality allows you to gather the precise data your organisation needs to monitor and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Supplier Management and Due Diligence Made Easy

Stay on top of your supplier data and documents with our Supplier Management and Due Diligence functionality. Our software is specifically designed to save time for supplier organisations of all sizes, particularly facilitating engagement with SMEs and Sole Traders. Using our ‘provide once’ functionality, suppliers are asked to provide their standard data and documents once, allowing them to focus on more technical requirements. You can rely on our system to prompt supplier organisations to update expiring documents and data for your review and acceptance.

Comprehensive Reporting Suite

Our Sourcing module offers an extensive suite of reporting options to support effective and compliant procurement. Gain instant access to relevant information with our selection of standard reports. With filtering options, you can receive accurate, real-time insights that enable data-driven decision-making and effective monitoring of contract and procurement progress.

  • Manage contracts with a comprehensive, end-to-end paperless system

  • Intuitive, transparent, compliant workflow

  • Improve service reputation with simple, tailored processes and interfaces

  • Save time for buyers and suppliers with automated workflow

  • Cashable cost savings with highly-competitive automated supplier estimating

  • Increase productivity with supported self-service, efficient procurement and resource management

  • Track use of service and monitor performance against KPIs

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