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Wandsworth Council

Wandsworth Council’s streamlined services gets 100% approval

Wandsworth Council’s design and print services were reviewed in 2013 in
response to the need to find significant cost savings. The council used this
process to create a robust infrastructure to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality services. Whilst going through substantial infrastructure changes, the teams have consistently received outstanding ratings from colleagues and external organisations using their services.

Account Management 98%

Print Quality


Client feedback rates design and print services as Good/Excellent





Facing a departmental restructure, we used Panacea Software to help streamline the way we provide our services to our internal and external colleagues, the council and clients in partnership organisations. This has allowed us to deliver significant financial savings for Wandsworth.

Through the software, we are able to monitor and audit all our marketing, design and print services. It automatically creates competitive price estimates from our framework suppliers and in-house services, and ensures we meet our income targets while achieving best value for our residents.

Joanna Kettle, Communications Business Manager, Wandsworth Council

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