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Panacea: Awarded Supplier on Lot 8 of the YPO Software Applications Framework

YPO Lot 8: Procurement and Contract Management 


The YPO framework is divided into 12 categories by type of product or service, these are known as lots. Panacea is delighted to be an awarded supplier in Lot 8: Procurement and Contract Management on the YPO Software Application Solution Framework. YPO's team of qualified procurement professionals can offer advice, guidance and expertise on purchasing, as well as regular engagement and communication to make sure your objectives are achieved.  


Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation, YPO  


We are proud to be working with YPO, one of the largest public sector buying organisations in the UK, serving more than 30,000 customers and still 100% publicly owned today. YPO was established in 1974 by a group of 13 local authorities and serves a wide range of sectors including education, housing, central government, charities, local authorities, emergency services, and the NHS. 


The organisation offers a variety of procurement frameworks, including office supplies, furniture, catering equipment and supplies, energy and utilities, ICT, and educational resources. By aggregating the purchasing power of its members, YPO negotiates contracts with suppliers to secure competitive prices, helping public sector organisations save time and money on procurement, whilst returning profits back into the heart of the public sector.  


Benefits of Using Frameworks on YPO 


Procurement frameworks provide many benefits to both buyers and suppliers in terms of cost savings, time management, continuous improvement and compliance. YPO offers the opportunity to streamline the procurement process; it works with its customers to find out their needs and requirements, to create frameworks that meet those needs with competitive pricing and fair terms and conditions, whilst maintaining quality standards and meeting all legal requirements, including Public Contracts Regulations. Find out more about the benefits of frameworks here  


Using Panacea Software Through YPO 


As an awarded supplier with YPO, you can call-off a contract with Panacea Software by Direct Award, which greatly reduces the time and complexity of your procurement process. Another notable feature of YPO is the unrestricted length of call-off contracts, meaning you can create a contract that fits your organisation’s requirements perfectly. 


Whether your requirements are a single module or full deployment of a software solution, our procurement portal is an intuitive, flexible and user-friendly Source to Pay platform, from pre-tender to contract award and implementation. 


We look forward to welcoming new subscribers through working with YPO and are pleased with the partnerships we have already established within this framework. We are in a position where we can save time to focus on quality and provide the best solutions for our subscribers. 


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