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Panacea Software Qualified on the CPC Framework: Corporate Software and Related Products

We are proud to be working with Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC), an organisation whose values reflect our own. Panacea continues to support public industries and the education sector and helping them to flourish will always be at the core of our business.  


Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) 


The Crescent Purchasing Consortium, CPC, is a non-profit purchasing group owned and run by the further education sector, providing its members with specialist support and advice on achieving best value for money in procurement. Cost savings are achieved through harnessing the collective spending power of its members to lower prices from suppliers. 


Originally created in 1999, as an offshoot from the purchasing team at the University of Salford, CPC are part of the CPL Group, a registered charity that invests within the education sector. When a CPC Member uses the CPC framework, 100% of any profit is gift aided to the charity. The CPL Group provides funding support and training services and has already invested over £2 million in the form of grants into the education sector. The funds support a wide range of educational projects fulfilling the criteria of enhancing teaching and learning, improving a child’s experience of education, and aiding disadvantaged children. Projects have included funding Chromebook banks, IT suite upgrades and interactive learning boards plus supporting music and theatre programmes and supplying resources for sport and wellbeing in schools, colleges, academies, and universities. 


CPC and Frameworks 


CPC provides frameworks offering transparent, auditable purchasing processes with full compliance to procurement regulations making the sourcing of goods and services easier for its members. There are 86 frameworks on offer, with 17 being approved by the DfE, which cover a wide range of products and services; the CPC continually develops its portfolio in line with the growing needs of its members. 


Panacea and CPC 


We are delighted to be qualified on the Corporate Software and Related Products & Services Framework. You can find us as the top scoring supplier on Lot 1: Financial Management Software and Lot 7: Project Management & Resource Planning Software. We are the second scoring supplier on Lot 8: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems. 


Procurement frameworks serve as a brilliant way for acquiring and renewing subscriptions. Opting for Panacea software within these frameworks presents an array of advantages, including cost efficiency, time management, ongoing improvements, and compliance. Find out more about the benefits of frameworks here


Lot 1. Financial Management Software ensures usability and accessibility is embedded within the software. Fully automated and compatible with other systems as required by members, which includes but is not limited to the following: procurement, BACS, HR software, payroll software, management information services, student records systems, and customer relationship management. 


Lot 7: Project Management & Resource Planning Software supports and enhances the administration and operations for members institutions. The software provision includes, but is not limited to, project management, workflow and resource management, and team collaboration for both academic and administration use. 


Lot 8: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems. CRM Software ensures usability and accessibility is embedded within the software to streamline customer relationship processes with provision to organise, evaluate, and standardise workflows and processes including, but not limited to, contract management, interaction tracking, lead management, mailing integration, document management, reporting and analytics, and forecasting. 


Recommended by the DfE 

Many of CPC Framework Agreements including the Corporate Software and Related Products & Services Framework are recommended by the Department of Education for use by schools and academies. However, the framework agreement, can also be used by other publicly funded organisations for their procurement needs. 


CPC and Panaca Welcome New CPC Members and Public Sector Organisations to Use the Framework. 


We look forward to welcoming new users of the framework through working with CPC and are pleased with the partnerships we have already established within this framework. Our core values focus on efficiency and cost reduction whilst offering an exceptional service to provide the best solutions for our subscribers.


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