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This policy describes Panacea’s current practices with regard to its provision of maintenance services for Panacea Software.


  1. Any maintenance is limited to Panacea Software and Services provided by Panacea and to problems reproducible by the Customer.

  2. Maintenance services shall include the installation of the Software and of subsequent releases of Panacea Software, including upgrades, maintenance releases and updates, on all applicable elements at the Customer’s option.

Customer and Users' Responsibilities

  1. The Customer shall report any faults or defects in Panacea Software to Panacea, as described in Panacea’s Support Services Policy.

Panacea's Responsibilities

  1. Panacea shall classify any faults or defects in the Software reported by the Customer or Panacea as to the severity of effect that they have on the software. The severity classification shall be used to determine the response time for returning the Software to its fully operational state.  The severity classifications shall be:

    • Severity Class 1 – A Severity Class 1 problem exists if the Software or a major function thereof (i) is inoperative or (ii) is experiencing terminable / intermittent problems that are having a significant impact on the Customer’s ability to provide its services.

    • Severity Class 2 – A Severity Class 2 Problem exists if any functionality of the Software is found to be defective or absent, or contains a problem that renders the software difficult, but not impossible to use.

    • Severity Class 3 – A Severity Class 3 problem exists if the Customer experiences a non-critical degradation of performance or experiences minor problems that need correction in either the Software or the Services.

  2. Panacea shall determine the root cause of each defect in the Software or Services. This is essential for all Class 1 and Class 2 defects. Other defects can be analysed on a sample basis to be agreed with the Customer.

  3. The criteria for prioritisation shall include at least:

    • The risk of further failures to the Customer.

    • The frequency of occurrence of the failures.

    • The severity of the failures.

    • The maintenance effort needed to deal with the failures.

  4. The following service level requirements shall be adopted by Panacea for returning the Software to its fully operational state:

    *Interim Solution only required if no Work Around is possible


  5. Maintenance services required to resolve any faults caused by Customer’s systems or software or 3rd party systems or interfaces will be chargeable at Panacea’s current rates at that time.

Response Time
Work Around
Interim Solution*
Permanent Fix
Severity Class 3
2 business days
Next software release
30 days or next software release
Severity Class 2
10 working hours
2 business days
20 business days
30 days or next software release
Severity Class 1
5 working hours
24 hours
2 business days
30 days or next software release
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