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Support Services Policy


This policy is intended to provide details on the support services provided by Panacea to Users of Panacea Software.


1. Panacea will provide technical support to all its Customers and Users.

2. Any support provided by Panacea is limited to Panacea Software and Services and to problems reproducible by the Customer and its Users


3. Support request: Request for help or guidance to assist a User to make successful use of Panacea Software.

4. Maintenance request: Request for Panacea to resolve a bug or defect in Panacea Software which is preventing the existing software from functioning correctly.

5. Change request: Request for new functionality, for changes to existing functionality, or for enhancement or reconfiguration of the existing Software or user interface. Such requests should not be raised with our Helpdesk and should instead be raised as set out in point 12 below.


Panacea’s responsibilities:

6. Panacea will provide support services to all Panacea Software Users on every Business Day, in accordance with the Terms of Use, as follows:

a) Panacea will provide support online user manuals and support to all Users via the Support icon which is displayed on every screen available to logged-in users on Panacea Software. 

b) Panacea’s help desk will be managed by competent staff providing Users with technical support and advice on the use of Panacea Software by Ticket (see 8.b. below), email or telephone, in clear written or spoken English.

Customer’s and Users’ responsibilities:

7. Before any Support request is made to Panacea, Users shall attempt to resolve their queries and identify the cause of the given problem, using the online support materials available via the Support icon which is
displayed for logged-in users on every screen of Panacea Software

8. Users can contact Panacea’s support desk to raise any Support request not answered in the online support materials, or to raise a Maintenance request, using the following means:

a) By raising a Ticket via the Support icon which is available on every screen available to logged-in users on Panacea Software 

b) By contacting our Helpdesk using the contact details available via the Support icon which appears on every screen available to logged-in users on Panacea Software. 

c) In the unlikely event that the Panacea Software web application is inaccessible, by email to or telephone 0207 976 0116.

9. Before any Maintenance request is made to Panacea, Users shall ensure they can reproduce the issue, in order to confirm that it is a software issue, and is not an issue caused by User error. 

10. When contacting Panacea’s support desk, Users will define the problem requiring support and shall provide as much information as possible about the nature of the defect and its reproducibility to Panacea. 

11. Customers and Users should not send Support requests to the personal email address of Panacea staff.  

Change requests:

12. Our Support service and Helpdesk should not be used for Change requests. Change Requests can be raised by Key Users using the appropriate forms available to all our Subscribers here:

Response times:

13. We respond to all Support requests and questions raised by email, Ticket, or telephone within four working hours.

14. Resolution of all Maintenance requests will be fulfilled within the timeframe set out in our Maintenance policy

15. Response to Change requests will be as set out on the relevant form completed by the requester in accordance with point 12 above.

16. We may recommend training, configuration or wider user communications in response to a Support request. In these cases, we will set out a timetable for proposed actions and responsibilities to be approved by a Key User in the Subscriber’s organisation, and will fulfil such actions as agreed. 

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