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Buckinghamshire County Council

Buckinghamshire County council deliver savings of 46%

Buckinghamshire County Council implemented Panacea in early 2014 to replace their sole supplier, who had previously managed the entire print and design buying process. The council required software to manage, integrate and streamline their marketing and communications activities efficiently.


Print, design, marketing and comms purchasing process


Clear, transparent process for suppliers, clients and approvers


End-to-end workflow from client requests to paperless invoicing and charging

Following their implementation of Panacea Software, the council has achieved:

Design and Print prices reduced 46%

An average saving of 46%: 

Approved suppliers have equal opportunity to compete for each piece of work, following online competitive mini-tenders, which are automated where possible, saving time for all parties. The communications team has achieved sustainable cost reductions for the council and better value from their suppliers.

Completely paperless service:

The full business workflow is paperless, right from a colleague or client placing requests and suppliers managing their prices, through to charging and invoice payments.

High client satisfaction ratings:

The communications team follow a shared, end-to-end workflow to effectively manage a huge volume and variety of work for their colleagues.  The efficient and high-quality service they provide has received extremely high client satisfaction ratings.

Level of service 100%

Overall Quality 100%

Client feedback rating the Communications  Team Good/Excellent



Replacing one supplier based on site for print and design with an Approved Supplier List with companies dotted all over the country was always going to be a challenge. Panacea allows us to manage our suppliers whilst also getting us the most competitive prices and, with the invoicing compatible with SAP, it has also allowed us to do away with paper invoices, making payment slicker and easier. We continue to be huge fans of Panacea – both the organisation and the software. Panacea continues to demonstrate great customer service alongside a great product.

Kim Parfitt, Communications Strategy & Planning Manager, Buckinghamshire County Council

Being able to access a range of approved suppliers has allowed us to not only make savings on our print costs but also find the right designers for the job.  This has been really valuable in helping us produce strong campaigns and materials. Once we became familiar with the software, it was straight-forward and easy to use. The system enables our colleagues to self-serve, which is encouraged by the exceptional support provided by Panacea. They also provide support to the suppliers, which is brilliant, as it means you don’t need to get involved in all the technical aspects.
The support from the Panacea team itself is invaluable - there are very few suppliers who provide this level of support so efficiently and consistently.

Anushka Desai, Senior Customer and Communications Officer, Buckinghamshire County Council

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