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Jisc create an intuitive, user-friendly Production and Asset Management system

In 2020, Jisc’s brand and production team implemented Panacea Software to create a Brand, Production and Asset Management system. 


As a result, the very busy team have created a robust, automated process using Panacea which has allowed them to:

  • Manage reactive and proactive work – end to end

  • Create efficient approval processes for reactive work

  • Allow colleagues to self-serve production requests and get help from Key Users

  • Cut down the team’s administration workload

  • Create an accurate and accessible audit-trail for all activity

  • Get a real-time overview, including management and performance reporting on all activity

  • Provide a secure and user-friendly portal for all external suppliers

  • Control, manage and share digital assets

  • Manage associated consents, to comply with GDPR



Prospects (a subsidiary of Jisc), work with government, universities and employers, to provide student information, guidance, opportunities and media advertising solutions.  Jisc have extended use of Panacea’s Asset Manager module, giving Prospects a central repository where they can store, manage and share all of their digital assets.

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