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Exeter City Council

Exeter City Council’s communications team cuts costs and saves time

The communications department implemented Panacea Software to improve control of Exeter City Council’s brand and to rationalise the disparate methods and suppliers used by council services for their marketing requirements. The objectives for this project were to provide efficiencies, cost savings and clear management information across the council’s marketing activity.

This change affected officers throughout the council, so the communications team worked closely with Panacea to actively support these staff and to provide an intuitive online portal to encourage engagement and deliver clear benefits to their services.

Panacea Software has enabled Exeter City Council to save time, cut costs and improve performance. It has allowed us to take full control of the Exeter City Council brand, streamline our ordering and quote workflow and at the same time achieve efficiencies and cost savings.
We look forward to working with the team at Panacea Software in the future to support us with new projects and achieve additional time and cost savings whilst maintaining the highest quality.

William Nowell, Project Officer - Exeter City Council

Laptop showing Panacea's ordering screen
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