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Purchase to Pay

The Purchase-to-Pay module seamlessly integrates with Core Project Management and Sourcing Modules, consolidating end-to-end source-to-pay activities in one place. 

 Secure, clear, and collaborative workflows 

Client Access and E-Catalogue 

Empower clients with the ability to review and initiate orders 

Offer clients a customised and secure online catalogue for easy ordering and quote requesting. Enable them to seek assistance, make inquiries, and place goods and service orders. 

delivery confirmation.png

Supplier Delivery Confirmation

Confirm deliveries for job tracking and effective management 

Coordinate work across locations by requesting suppliers to confirm deliveries. Suppliers can upload signed confirmation files or provide evidence of completed work, along with details of the person accepting it, creating a clear audit trail for any inquiries.

Goods Receipt

Goods receipt providing financial protection

Ask your buyers to goods receipt jobs to ensure a clear audit and to support the tracking of goods and services.

goods reciept.png

Supplier Invoicing and Payment

Three-way matching to ensure accuracy and integrity of financial transactions.

Simplify invoicing by allowing suppliers to input and upload invoices after client order confirmation. Built-in controls verify VAT against preset rates, preventing processing at unauthorised prices. Batched invoices are formatted for seamless integration with your finance system, and automatic export options are available.

Supplier Price Rate Integration 

Optimise pricing linking supplier rates to estimation functionality. 

Invite suppliers to input and update their price rates, which seamlessly link with our estimation functionality. This integration generates instant, live, and accurate prices for required work, saving significant time for both you and your suppliers. 


Authorisers and Budget Holders

Request orders for authorisers and budget holders

Define user roles where clients can make order requests for authorisers and budget holders. With an automated workflow and notifications, requests smoothly progress through authorisation levels and ensures budget holder approvals align with available budgets.   

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