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Purchase to Pay

Panacea Software provides powerful Purchase-to-Pay functionality, which gives financial protection and creates an efficient system, which saves time for all parties. The software’s secure, clear and collaborative workflow streamlines the end-to-end purchase to payment process and eliminates unnecessary queries and administrative tasks. Use Panacea to create a simple and efficient paperless system, which is fully compliant with the stringent requirements of our public sector clients.

Invite your suppliers to provide (and update) their price rates. These rates link with our Estimator functionality to generate instant, live, accurate prices for the work you require. It saves a lot of time for both you and your suppliers: prices, purchase orders and instructions are all automatically generated. You can also ask your suppliers to submit quotes.

Our Purchase to Pay module seamlessly integrates with our Core Project Management and Sourcing Modules, allowing you to practice your end-to-end source-to-pay activity for all procurement needs in one place.

Build your Purchase-to-Pay solution to include any of the below features.

Client Access and e-catalogue

Provide your clients with a secure and tailored online catalogue to place orders. Allow clients to request your help, raise enquiries and order your services. This feature creates great results for client satisfaction and loyalty, giving them a greater sense of control and allowing them to review and re-order the work you do for them at the click of a button.

Supplier Delivery Confirmation

If you manage work for clients in different locations you can ask your suppliers to confirm delivery to ensure you stay on top of jobs. Suppliers can upload a signed delivery confirmation file or evidence the work has been done and submit the details of the person who accepted the work. This gives you a clear and easy audit trail should there be any questions.

Goods Receipt

You can ask your clients to goods receipt jobs to ensure they are clearly audited and to support the tracking of goods and services.

Supplier Invoicing and Payment

Streamline your entire invoicing process. Suppliers can easily input and upload invoices when receipt of their orders has been confirmed by the client. Inbuilt controls check VAT entered against rates that you have set up. You can prevent invoices from being processed at a higher price than has been agreed and approved. Invoices are batched into a format that is compatible with your finance systems. Invoices can also be automatically exported to your finance system.

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